Use google home mini adapter to charge soundcore liberty lite

Can I use google home mini adapter for charging my anker soundcore liberty lite case, thanks?


You can as it’s a micro USB cable. Just like any micro USB cable will work

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Yes you can use your Google home mini cable and you could eeven use and Anker micro USB cable for your Google home mini the two are interchangeable.

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Hi, actually I tried, but when I connected it, all 3 LEDs went white, but none of them were blinking, which they generally do when being charged, could this be because the output of google home mini adapter is to much, i.e. 1.8 amp whereas case says input it can take is 0.5 amp?

The case will only input what it needs to charge if the lights are solid that means it’s already charged. The lights will only blink as it’s being charged up and once that percentage is charged the light turns solid

After it was showing all 3 LED’s as white, I switched from google home mini adapter to my iphone charger which has output of 1ampere. Then the first LED started blinking, which means battery wasn’t charged to full.