USBC to Mciro USB

I think it would be great if Anker did a USBC to micro usb cable.

I have the USBC pd charger. When charging a powerbank, I can’t use my wireless stand, as BOTH use micro, and as it’s either USBC or usbA from the wall charger, I can only use the a/micro lead once! So I can’t charge my powerbank, and use my wireless stand at the same time.

I know others do it, but they ain’t Anker, and my phone is to expensive to take risks.


Very interesting concept. Although it seems strange since people generally try to get rid of micro, and only use type c, I can definitely see a need for it (consolidating to one wall charger).

Let’s see if anker does it!

As I said above, plenty do do it, but they’re not Anker.

Modify the tip of the chord and call it C type. Make all the others not fit anymore. Great for business. I say three years there will be a D type and we’ll do it again.
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Ummmmm what? USB-C is waaaaay different (and way better) then micro-USB or USB-A. Not just the change in shape.

Also since USB-C is free for companies to manufacture (as in they don’t have to pay royalties to anyone) I don’t think this was just to boost sales for anyone…

What on earth are you talking about?

Type c has been around for years, and all manufacturers no royalties for usi g that design, which is better for th user… Faster data speeds, and faster charge times. No royalties means, it’s cheaper to buy.

Now there is an even faster chip for USBC, which again will be even faster than now.

There have been no new usb designs for a few years now, only better chips.

Here is one. It’s not made by Anker though

I’ve seen adapters from C to micro, very similar to the ones Anker has that go from micro to C

Would that work?

I had already said, plenty do them, just not Anker.

I don’t like adapters, as they slow everything down, whereas a made cable doesn’t have that issue to the same degree.

I can both understand & respect that… I love my micro to C, but hate that I’m always looking for them… easier to just buy more C cables.

With anker’s campaign of ONE CHARGER, is great, so long as you don’t need 2 micro-usb leads, say for a powerbank, or for a powerbank and wireless stand/pad.

If other crap companies can do it
… Surely Anker can‽

Mind, having said that, Anker still won’t do a solo USBC charge lead of less than 1 meter. They do do one as part of a pack of 5 leads, but not by itself.

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You are right :rofl: