USB wired keyboard issues with Anker 13 in 1 elite thunderbolt dock

If I plug my HyperX alloy Elite usb keyboard into the doc, every few seconds it repeats keys, lags, or drops keystrokes. Its unsable. If I plug the keybaord directly into my MSI windows 10 laptop, or if I plug it into my usbc hub (not at the same time), it works. I notice that the USB webcam has similar issues, glitching the image frequenty.

Is there anything I can do, or should I return the unit to amazon and get a belkin TB doc, which I have used on the same laptop and keyboard without issue in the past?

Which doc?

Edit the subject of the thread with the model name. Ideally also add the product code as names can be vague too.

Thanks for the input. Model number is A8396341.