USB Type-C to Ethernet with Power Delivery

Are you currently offering a USB Type-C hub that provides an Ethernet connection and power to the device simultaneously?

I see that it is available through the Italy site but not for North America. Thanks so much.


If you are referring to the hub powered through the usb-c connection, then that would be this guy below, if not I am not 100% sure what you mean by device.

Thank you but not quite, do you see the link I posted? I’m looking for the device (e.g. a tablet with only one USB port) to be charging and have connection via Ethernet at the same time.The product you linked me does not deliver power to the device (e.g. tablet or computer or cell phone).

They do not offer that product in North America. In thoery you could buy this

And then plug this into it

But I haven’t tried this so I don’t know if it would work. I do like that 3-in-1 hub though. Here is my review of it, though I mainly focused on PD and 4K:


Alright, appreciate the help. This is for a more large scale industrial solution so daisy chaining dongles/hubs isn’t an option. Thanks again.

Yeah, that’s not going to scale well. I design and admin enterprise solutions too.

Guess you could always order from Italy? Ciao! :laughing: