USB Receiver lost


I lost my USB receiver for my “Anker Wireless Vertical Mouse” is there a way a can buy one or a generic one?


Dear customer, if you need to buy a new USB receiver for the mouse, can you please e-mail your request to our Customer Support will follow up. :slight_smile:

I have been so disappointed by Anker’s support, I feel like I have to share my experience. I too broke my USB receiver and needed a replacement. I contacted support to ask how can I buy one, because for environmental reasons I did not want to throw a perfectly working mouse.

The first answer I got was, because I was after warranty period, they can’t do anything. I then escalated the ticket (you can do that, there is a link in their answer), and got this outrageous response from a manager:

Thank you for your message.
We do apologize for this situation. But please understand that, as our staff said, at the moment we do not sell mouse accessories separately. Since the dongle and the mouse are matched. The mouse and dongle have the same frequency, that’s why they can be used. If the dongle is lost, we cannot sell you a dongle with the same frequency.
Thank you very much for your understanding and support.
We can offer you a 15% discount for this negative experience. And we are so sorry for all the inconvenience.

Wish you a pleasant day!
Best regards,
Cas n°TNW779740216
Manager Service Client AnkerDirect

This is just a lie, you can absolutely pair a new USB dongle with the mouse, as it is stated in the manual. Moreover, we tried with a colleague of mine who had the exact same mouse (model A7852M), and it worked perfectly !

Anyway, all I can say is don’t believe Anker when they say “support will help you acquire a new dongle”. That was not my experience… Each time they offered a 10% or 15% percent discount so I can buy a new mouse, but they didn’t care that would be an environmental nonsense…

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