usb-pd hub with multiple inputs

I’m looking for a device to power my laptop that need to be turned on as long as possible.

So I think that I’m looking for a hub with eg 2-3 usb-pd inputs where I can connect my power banks and 1 output to power my computer that consumes a maximum of 100W (probably a bit less). I have placed my computer in a place where no wall-power is available and would like to collect some data for as long as possible. The hub need to switch between the power banks when they are depleted to use the next one.

I’ve been searching but most user-cases seem to use one-power power bank to many devices and this user-case is the opposite.
Or is it enough to find power-bank with one input and one output (with pass thru) and connect all power banks in series?
Do you have any products that I have missed that can be used like this? Or can you recommend a solution that might work for this user case?

Nothing I know of works like that.

If you want to last a long time not near a wall socket you can

  • buy a high Wattage Powercore who’s discharge+recharge elapsed time is less than than the laptop’s battery life, and then shuttle that Powercore between the wall socket charger and yourself. e.g. laptop battery lasts 6 hours, to recharge it needs 45W and an hour so you need a Powercore must recharge in 5 hours or less.
  • buy a lower Wattage Powercore and plug it in at the start so augment the laptop and between the two then it keeps you going. e.g. laptop battery lasts 6 hours, you want it to last 12 hours, a Powercore exists which adds 6 hours of life.
  • buy two+ lower Wattage Powercore. e.g. laptop lasts 6 hours, you want 12 hours, buy two Powercore which each add 3 hours.

So it isn’t really about Powercore, nor Anker, it comes back to your model of laptop, what is it’s battery life and what is it’s own power needs, how long you want to work not connected to the wall, then do the math.

If you do your own research on your laptop and know it’s needs, then we can help you with the linear algebra.

The critical issue on cost is the minimum Wattage your laptop will charge from you have to find that out.