USB PD 3.1 140W Charger?

Does Anker have any plans to release a 140W or higher USB PD 3.1 charger compatible with the MBP 16 2021? Ideally with multiple and only USB-C ports.


I doubt it but you can always email Anker and yourself :+1:

It is against the terms of service to discuss unannounced products.

Email them and see what they say. Asking helps makes what you want happen.

What is your ideal charger? 4 port 120W? I’d like them to make a new type of slide-on power connector which slides on one of 4 for the EU, UK, US and a C8 so it can be a wall and desk travel charger.

I’d like them to make chargers more intelligent, so ports are numbered by priority and the highest priority port gets all the Wattage it needs then spare power goes progressively down to lower priority ports. As the higher priority ports consume less power, more becomes available to lower priority ports.


The odds are good that it will happen eventually. But no special rumors we have heard or can talk about on here.

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I am looking for a straight up 100W, single port, compact charger. I would love to buy one from Anker, but as far as I can tell they don’t have one.

I have an Aukey one that is working well, but they don’t seem to be selling them anymore either. The pool of unknown brands selling them is a little too uncertain for me invest on something that will power an expensive laptop.

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The average electronics for a AC-DC converter is around 90% efficiency meaning a 100W charger would make 10W as heat.

So either you must use a high end SoC which has a built-in regulator which increases cost, or be huge, or be unreliable from the heat.

There is online material where Anker was mentioned with a GaN design.

If you dig into the design then it easily offers 100W with high efficiency around 94% so 6.4W heat. If you search for “Power Integrations” there’s reference designs been in existence for a long time.

I don’t know why Anker hasn’t produced a 100W charger, my best guess is these products physically exist in testing, being tweaked until the market grows big enough to release. So if you want it then ask.

I have the same charger you mentioned and I was lucky to find it for a great price ($7-$6)

Yes, I would get a second one but they aren’t selling them anymore. Strange world where good products are disappearing.

Only way to get 100W out of Anker right now is with that 4 port thing, and not using any of the other ports. Not ideal for me, especially for the price. Paying for a lot that I won’t be using.

Is USB PD 3.1 140 W charger will be safe.

Yea sounds like in your case it would be a waste of money. Besides I’d prefer a single port because it’s a smaller since and you don’t have to worry about not plugging another cable so you get the full 100w