USB Hub 8-in-1

Hi Everyone,

I have just bought myself an usb hub 8-in-1 pd
and i have issues using it
for example:
When inserting usb ssd in usb- a ports or a memory sticks it resets all my usb ports available, even motherboard ones.
I have tried to use firmware tool available on anker website and it doesn’t even recognize my device.
I have tried to charge my keyboard using it and it works well.

Can you please advise?

Why did you duplicate thread from the one you replied?

Makes harder for future searches when reply are fragmented across threads.

Also note this is not them official support site, it’s a community of peers some may be able to help but official support is email

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This sounds like a support related question. I would contact them. Make sure to tell them what troubleshooting steps you have tried.