I love Anker wires and chargers. Was curious as to why we aren’t seeing more USB-c connected devices? Flashlights, speakers, headphones a and smaller battery packs. Any chance that we could see more in the future? What about a ruggedized charger or charger with built in solar? How about a short (~1 foot) perfect for plugging into a power pack on your desk or to your laptop. Loved my short micro USB

I would imagine it’s more expensive to develop USB C devices, I have 2 USB-C only laptops, a Macbook and an HP laptop, I don’t have any USB C peripherals for them, I use dongles and converters for all of them. I did see a USB C thumb drive but it was about 100 bucks, so I didn’t buy it :grinning:
I have 2 lamps which are powered by Micro USB, I’ll be honest, it will probably be a very long time until we start seeing more usb-c connected devices outside of phones and laptops.

I will also like to see more USB-C products, primarily for reversibility, shoving it on average twice to find the right orientation just is annoying.

I would not like to see a ruggedized charger because it would make the charger heavier, if I’m in hostile environments I wrap things in clothing, e.g. inside spare socks if hiking.

I would not like to see a charger with built-in solar because it is dumb at every level. Heat of sun ages battery so you have to place the battery in shade therefore a wire to the solar panel. Solar has to be physically large to make any meaningful energy. Batteries age faster (2 years) than solar (10-20 years) so you’d have a dud needlessly.

What @nigelhealy said pretty much sums it up for me. With almost little to no usb c integration I take it it comes to cost as well as what’s mass produced, it will take major phones to come with is c as well as other companies to start making it a standard before everyone jumps on the bandwagon. Because there are so many different power levels for usb c, until there is are set standard protocol we probably won’t see it anytime soom

I think you hit the nail on the head, @elmo41683. Although there is a USB-C Power Delivery standard, I’ve seen a few USB-C devices that don’t seem to adhere to it.

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