USB C wired ear buds?

Hi, I am just looking for best bang for buck usb c wired ear buds and found none.

I know Anker had lot of wireless options but like to know are there any existing wired options from Anker.

If not are there any planned products in future? Similar to OnePlus one.

Thank You

The biggest problem with wired Usb-c headphones is that they do not work with all phones. Some phones have to use a separate DAC converter which is built into the headphones, while others have it in the phone. Such problems make certain headphones only work with certain phones and not others, so even if Anker made a set of USB-C wired headphones it wouldnt be able to guarentee compatibility with all phones


I know they made one pair but I was unable to locate a pair or a picture after 10 or so minutes scouring the internet.
They must have not been a big seller.

What is going to be your primary use for these headphones? Watching Video or just Audio?

Not sure about future releases email

Nope, we haven’t made any kind of products like this.

All I’m getting is this…

On one pair of headset they say… It’s the best set on basis, there isn’t much choice‽

Notice comment in the middle

Errm…Samsung not on the USB-C bandwagon :confused:

Quality of research in article…I wonder if the writer also works for The Sun newspaper… :laughing:

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The article is referring to USB c headphones not the charge port. And no Samsung isn’t on the bandwagon because why would it? We still have a headphone jack :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Not used Android for a while but I thought the USB-C ports on Samsung phones could have been used for audio also, or high res audio ie 48-192hz …guess I’m thinking too much Apple-sided :wink:

Well to be fair you can use USB c headphones in Samsung phones, but they do not make any USB-C headphones of their own hence why they are not I the bandwagon. And as I mentioned above it’s a hit or miss with certain headphones.

My mistake I could have swore that I saw an Anker type c wired headphone a few months back :man_facepalming:

Got it, I know its difficult to make a product like that when the industry is in transition. But as per the trends it looks USB C is ONLY the option we are going to have (Atleaset for Android) :disappointed:

I already had multiple ANKER products and I also feel it is the right to time to make & tweak the product and attract new user base and create brand loyalty before all the BIG Player enter.

Thanks for the information.

Aside from Anker, there is a reason not a lot of companies make then. Have a Read

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