USB-C to USB 3.0 Hub Review!

I have used my USB-C to USB 3.0 Hub several times now after starting back to work after the new year and I am immensely satisfied so far. I saw in many Amazon reviews before I received this product that it interfered with many devices WIFI connections, so I was wary but as it is an Anker product I figured they were doing something wrong. I believe that those people are. The manual says not to use products that exceed a combined draw of 900 mah, which I would bet people don’t pay attention to. One thing I appreciated was that the manual also states how much of a draw different devices pull, which makes it much easier to ensure that you aren’t drawing too much energy. This product also supports hot swapping and has built in surge protection for your devices, so very feature filled which I appreciate. The light will light up if a device is mounted. I use it with a mouse, phone, flash drive, and hard drive. All devices worked well and as expected. The flash drive was the only usb 3.0 device and had impressive transfer speeds with all types of files. The hub itself is really high quality, you could slap an Apple logo on it and no one would know the difference! One thing to note is if your phone has a usb c port you can mount a flash drive to watch movies or transfer files, which could come in handy. I will include pictures of the device with the led light lit below.


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