USB-C to lightning cable

@AnkerTechnical I thought it might worth to ask if Anker is going to make a cable for USB-C to lightning which supports fast charging for iPad Pro and iPhone X, or is Apple hasn’t certified 3rd party to make any yet? Theirs are so expensive and easy to break!

Merry Christmas :evergreen_tree:

Apple has not allowed or authorized any 3rd party to make usb c to lightning cables. Yes there are some in the market, but none of them are MFI certified.


Yeah I am waiting for that cable by Anker myself. I do not want to give Apple more of my money for the cables, the quality is terrible. Will wait for when Anker makes them.

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@joshuad11 any insider news on this? :wink:

Likely not going to see any 3rd party ones until next year

You’re still somewhat giving Apple your money since MFi certifications costs money. I agree though, I would rather pay for a 3rd party high quality cable.