USB-C to Lightning Audio Adapter

Is it for audio only?
I’m currently using an usb to lightning cable for carplay (iphone), which means it is more than audio.
Can this adapter help to connect an android phone for carplay?

There is a chance it won’t be compatible

As it is converting data to an audio output, I would think it may be able to handle transfer of data to extent but I doubt it would be able to support Carplay on Android.

Are you wanting to use both iPhone and Android, hence the adapter?

Correct. The car is shared by family who uses different devices.

Android uses android auto, while similar to carplay it is entirely different all its own. Some cars have car play and others android auto, but not both within the same car unless it was made this year and very few manufacturers have gone that route.

Usb c audio adapters are also subjective in that they may or may not work with every phone as some require a dac converter built in or preamp.

The new Mazdas (2020) have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay which is a great selling point for me, as my lease is up in a couple of months.

Baring another community member having a similar setup and the adapter I would suggest reaching out to for confirmation of whether this would work.

Personally I would plump for a separate USB-A to USB-C cable for your Android phone and swap when required…

My car uses Android auto. I used an USB-c cable connecting to the Android phone and it works the same way as I plugged in a lightning cable for iphone, like playing music and displaying map, etc.

The issue is that I don’t want to use 2 cables because plug and unplug cables from time to time is clumsy. The USB port in the car is at a location not for day-to-day access. The car is shared by 4 of us in the family using diff phones.

Honda Civic added both functionality starting 2016 models.

I’m still missing a point @patrick42 … does your car have USB-C port? not a common feature as I haven’t seen one yet.

Yea i know its only certain trim levels or models that have dual functions. But still, most cars have one or the other and still rarely both.

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My car (Civic) has a USB port which is currently connected to my iphone via this …

That is normal USB-A to lightning connector. So, how do you anticipate using USB-C to lightning adapter in your car?

the third picture on this page gave me the idea…

Now I get it after looking at it 3 times…
Car[USB-A]–>USB-A to Lightning connector --> use it for iPhone.
Stick to above setup and use [Lightning to USB-C] adapter --> Samsung or any phone that uses USB-C.
I don’t think anybody else here tried that setup… you have to give it a try.

If you do so, let us know how it worked.

yeap … that’s what I intended to do. But if it is only for audio, it is way overpriced.

That pricing is obviously wrong, it could have been set that high as they wait for more stock to come in