Usb c to lightning adapter

Hi guys. New to this forum. Is it okay to use a usb c to lightning adapter to charge my iphone 8 plus through usb c to usb c cable? From power outlet or power bank.

I don’t know for sure, but I should think so - the iPhone should regulate the charge coming in.

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I would imagine it’s down to the quality but should work.

Nomad released a Micro USB cable with 2 attached tips so you could swap to USB C or Lightning. 1 cable for all so they must work but like I said. Depends on the quality?? Has it been certified “Made For iPhone”?

Not sure I’d risk my new phone on one.


Thanks for the reply guys. Bought from amazon. It did work and it charged fast.

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Yeah it should work. Which power bank did you buy that charged it fast?

Sorry for late reply. Yeah i did buy the 20100 usb c for my macbook 12 then usb c to lightning adapter to my iphone 8 so i can charge them both with just 1 cable.

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Okay glad it worked out. I need to get a setup like this!