USB-C "systems"

So we have slow evolution of USB-C into our gadget ecosystem, so I myself have had a USB-C Phone (OnePlus2) and a USB-C tablet (Pixel C) which at full bore input is 2A for the phone plus 3A for the tablet so 5A.

I then carry a battery, a good sweetspot is the Powercore 1000. It has at full bore 2A so if I were to be charging all of these I’d be consuming 3 ports (1 USB-C, 2 USB2) 7A input.

I then have a few low-power devices like BT headsets which I doubt uses more than 1A input (likely less), so then I’m at 4 or 5 ports and say 8A needs most.

That suits the Powerport5 USB-C as 40W, so overall is well balance system, but not if I crank up the time off-grid. Say carrying 10000mah isn’t enough and I carry a 20000mah say, then the recharging of the USB battery would if using 2A input would double, beyond a reasonable time (airport lounge or overnight) so then I’m wanting a faster input battery.

So what I’m looking for Anker to do is up the level and make these products to make a more capacity system.

So if day a 10000mah 2A input battery was 6 hours, then say a 15000mah 3A input would be also 6 hours, so then I’d need a different Powerport and Powercore. The Powerport would need to be 3+2+3+1=9A so I’d need a 45W (not 40W) upgrade to the Powerport5, and it to have 2 USB-C ports (not 1).

Then the Powerport 2 and Powerport 4 need something doing also, say a Powerport 2 dual USB-C 3A, or a Powerport2 with 1 3A and 1 2A, and Powerport to be 1 or 2 USB-C.

If this forum is going to have a useful purpose then a reply from Anker of other than “thankyou I have passed it on” or “we’re working on it” would be useful. So a debate of how many ports of each type, trade off of power vs size.

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Thank you, we’ll pass that on to our gerbils in the treadmill room … :smiley:

Honestly, USB-C technology is still rather fresh and new. I can bet Anker is testing, testing, and more testing and tweaking and twerking and whatever else they can to make the perfect USB-C chargers. You just went above and beyond what you need/want, I don’t think Anker can really say anything but that they’re working on it! What do you expect them to do, take you into their secret layer where their artificial intelligence research and development team is feverishly inventing a megamega dobegabega me my mo zega, JEGA USB-C POWERHOUSE … babam! Prayers answered! :smiley:

They’re working on the Roav, come on, if they can do that they can do anything.

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Humour noted,

Your point is basically saying a forum is NOT the method for product discussion because the competitors of Anker can look at either input or reply and so gain low cost advantage.

That is basically why this forum is going to be moot,

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Well yes! Of course it’s to talk about their products. It’s just, you’re wanting real answers beyond “Yes,” and “Ok,” I just don’t see them giving us real answers regarding something like that. I understand what you’re saying, you want more power to handle your devices!

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A 20,000 mAh Anker will charge overnight (8 hours) no problem if you use a good cable and charger.

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Could you please help me out. Just ordered the S8 Plus. What is the correct Anker cable that will charge my new usb-c phone fastest and safest. This is all new to me and have more Anker products that I can count. The only bad exp I have had is with the micro ubs cables.

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Would you recommend the Pixel C?

Everything has its moment. The Pixel C was about 6 months ago when the 25% discount applied, I suspect now not the best decision to buy new now.