USB-C Products I'd Like To See

I love my Anker products. Pretty much any time I buy a new piece of electronics I throw the cables that come with it in a junk drawer, because they just don’t compare… But I feel like Anker is falling a little bit behind on the USB-C revolution, and there’s a great opportunity to jump ahead here:

I’d like to see the following cables, either as PowerLine+ or PowerLine II cables:

  • USB-C to Micro-USB B (for charging/connecting non-Apple mobile devices, and for tethering to Mobile hotspots like the Alcatel Link Zone)
  • USB-C to Lightning (for charging/connecting Apple products, like iPhones, iPads, AirPod cases, etc.)
  • USB-C to Micro-USB B 3.0 (for connecting external storage devices)

I’d love to have a USB-C PowerDelivery (PD) enabled hub. One hub that I could plug into the wall and use to charge my MacBook as well as other devices using USB-C cables. I want to get rid of the bulky, unidirectional USB-A connectors for charging cables!

Clarification: I would like a hub that ONLY has USB-C ports. There are already tons of “backwards” hubs that let you connect old technology to USB-C. I just want the new stuff!

My PowerCore+ 20100 is great, but I’d love to see one that’s PD-enabled to charge laptops faster!

Other Connectors/Adapters
Plenty of companies provide USB-C to VGA, HDMI, Ethernet, and other types of connectivity, but I’d really prefer to have an Anker version of those dongles. Anker’s products are just BETTER!

So please, my dear friends at Anker R&D/Product Development, let us know when we will see some of the above products for purchase!


I’d like a proper USB-C hub with PD and BOTH Ethernet and HDMI. Something that can
power both the macbook 12" and an attached 2 external HDs while using Ethernet and HDMI

I currently have a J5create version and it disconnects the USB devices attached when I access both (like transferring from a USB SD card reader to a 2.5"external HD… sigh

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