USB-C Mini-Dock getting hot


I reviewed Mini doc premium sometime ago,

However, its getting quite hot now, i checked and temp is around 110+ F. This is quite hot. Is this faulty or normal? To me its bit too hot.


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As it’s running USB 3.0 and Power Delivery I would expect it to generate some heat depending on the number of devices you have connected. The manual doesn’t mention an operating spec range for temps, so it might be worth dropping an email with your issue, troubleshooting steps and temps to see what they say.

Has your usage changed? Is the room you are using the dock in warmer then when you first tested the dock? Are you charging your computer through The dock? All of these factors can have a significant effect on the dock temperature. The fan on my laptop stopped working before I fixed it my laptop would reach 115° with heavy use but continued to function properly. I wouldn’t be concerned unless the temp reaches 125°+ still it might be worth mentioning to Anker to help improve future models the addition of a larger heatsink might improve efficiency and quell customer heat concerns.