USB-C Hub on MacbookPro to 1080p monitor has major overscan

Got a 5-in 1 USB C hub (HDMI, 3 USB-Bs, and an Ethernet) for my 2018 Macbook pro. Using the Apple AV connector on the laptop, the 1080p monitor works perfectly. Using the hub, I’m losing the top menu bar, and 1/3 of the dock. I know I can hack into the plist for the monitor to set a zoom, but that really makes it look fuzzy. Anyone got any ideas before I go shopping for another Apple one and write this off as a mediocre investment?

Does auto / source search on your monitor change anything?

Nope. Tried every combo on the monitor - overscan is off, source search doesn’t affect it. Seems odd it works with the Apple adapter and not this one.

When using hdmi you have to add a power source, so maybe try using a stronger plug?