USB C Hub - Giving more USB C Outlets

I know that there are USB C hubs that generate several more USB A type outlets or things like HDMI and ethernet, but is there a one to many USB C to USB C type hub? Is it not feasible to be built?

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Hi, we are glad to answer your question.

It is true that we do not make USB C to USB C type hub mainly for two reasons. One is due to the complexity of Type-C technology, we still have trouble to make safe and perfect USB C to USB C type hub.

The other reason is that most customers use devices such as mouse, keyboard, flash drive or hard drive are USB-A end and have to be plugged into the USB-A type outlets. There is no use for customers to use extra USB-C type outlets when they expand one USB-C port into several.

Hope it answers your question and please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions.


Hopefully it may exist for future state!

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