USB-C Hub can't detect Micro SD

Hello, I have an Anker Premium 5-in-1 Type C Adapter with SD/TF Card Reader (3A1S1M).
I insert my Micro SD card and it won’t detect it.
Using OSX 10.15.4

Anyone can help to troubleshoot?
Many thanks.

Maybe you need to format it to fat32 or exfat

I would ask does it function. Are you able to use the other port?

I will ask the all time favorite. Did you put the card in it upside down?

But I can’t detect the Micro SD card, so not possible to reformat it.
This was used for the IP camera and it can’t detect the card either.

I am able to use other USB3.0 ports.
The card is inserted in the correct orientation with push-pull locking features.

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Please give this a try: Step 1: Go to Finder > Preferences > General tab. Step 2: Tick the “External disks” option to show the SD/micro card on the desktop. And see if that works to show it. Often times with Mac it doesn’t detect external disc unless told to

Best of luck, hope you can find a solution

Thank you Tank.
Tried this method and it doesn’t work.
The disk won’t show up.

Cheers Ikari.
Hopefully someone has a solution.