USB C Hub/Adapter - Poor HDMI connection with MacBook Pro (Apple chip)

Hey, community. I hope everyone is well.

I bought an Anker 5-in-1 USB C Adapter. I own a two-port Macbook Pro (Apple chip). I am trying to connect the Macbook Pro to the Adapter. I then use the Adapter’s HDMI port to connect to the HDMI port on my movie projector.

The company that makes the projector recommended a USB C Adapter.

The USB C snaps into place in Macbook Pro. The other cords snap into place as well. But the projected image (and sound connection) cuts in and out, making projecting impossible.

Can anyone tell me if I’m doing something wrong here? Am I using the wrong cord?

Happy to answer any other questions. Thank you for reading and I look forward to your responses!

Anker makes at least 4 varients of 5-in-1


If you’re suffering unreliability I’d look at your display settings use a lower resolution.

You might want to contact support. Make sure to give them give them purchase location, order number, when you ordered, model number/serial number, and troubleshooting steps you have tried.

Thanks, y’all. And I was totally mistaken! It’s the

PowerExpand+ 7-in-1 USB-C PD Ethernet Hub. Model A8352.

It clicks in to the Macbook Pro and the HDMI cords plug into the hub and projector just fine. But I have to hold the USB C cord into the Macbook Pro port to get the image.

Look inside the USBC port for debris, bright light and magnifying glass with everything powered off and unplugged.

Over time, small debris on the cable or near entrance to port get shoved into the very back of the port. This happens mostly with phones which go into pockets but sometimes happens with laptops.

It’s unlikely the dirt in the port transferred to the hub but check it also.

I’ve managed to bring back to life “broken” phones with my tweezers over the years.

Be careful if you go in to not bend or scrape the surfaces.