USB-C for Nintendo Switch

Hello everyone!

I would like to know wich USB-C -> USB 3.0 / 2.0 i can use to char my nintendo switch (using powebank).
Can i use this one?

Hi @saul_grinberg,
You need a Powerbank with Power Delivery and a c to c cable.


I already have the powerbank, but i dont want my switch to Brick. So i want to know, if that cable, is ok to use.

The cable is compatible with the Nintendo Switch but will not charge at full speed as per the notes at the end of the page;

Out of curiosity which powerbank do you currently have?


Thank you for your help.
Here is my powerbank ->

Sorry to say it, but this is no Power Delivery Power bank. Maybe it will Charge your switch but If you Play and Charge at the Same time you need a Power Delivery Output to Charge the Switch.

For example this

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Hi @saul_grinberg, you can use this cable to charge your Nintendo Switch, but it will be slow. This power bank will give your Switch a 10 watt charge (it would prefer closer to 30 or 40 watts). It will charge while you’re not playing it. But if you plan to charge and play at the same time, you’ll still notice your battery percentage dropping (just at a slower rate).

I actually use a similar setup when I’m traveling so I can charge my Switch at night or while I’m out doing something. Power Banks with Power Delivery can be a little pricey, so if you have the patience, a standard 5V 2A power bank will do fine.


Could you suggest me a better cable?
I’ll keep my power bank, for now. Later this year i’ll buy a better one.

If at all possible I would go with This cable

This one is USB-C in both ends. I need a USB-C -> USB 3.0

My mistake, I was thinking about if you had gotten a PD battery bank then that would have been the ideal cable imo of course

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The cable you have now will deliver the maximum your power bank can deliver (5V 2 or 2.4A = 10 or 12 watts). Most USB Type A ports won’t deliver more than this.
Once you get a newer power bank with a USB-C Power Delivery port, you can then use a cable like this: