USB-C Desktop Charger

So with Apple starting to sell a USB-C apple watch cable and the iPad next week coming out with USB-C will we ever see an Anker PowerPort IQ with all USB-C ports or is the power demand so high that it’s not probable. By the end of this year, everything I own will be on USB-C.

Not buying it yet

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Same here, rumour is that a new iPad Mini will also make an appearance…yet a while ago the talk was that it was being phased out as it’s not that much bigger than the largest iPhones which people have :confounded:

If they do make a jump to USB-C there’s bound to be a downside, such as third party cables or power bricks not being supported in the first instance :grin:

I think these are still rumors. Anker won’t announce anything until they have a confirmation and may even require certifications from Apple.

With computers, Android phones, computer accessories now being offered with USB-C support, and possible Apple products with USB-C support I bet Anker will start offering more USB-C charging support.

Well, I don’t see that happening, but I still think they’re just gonna be including a USB-C to Lighting cable in the box, and perhaps upgrading the Lightning connecter to something more powerful, but still same form factor.

To better answer your question, though, Anker unveiled a desktop charger with 2 USB-C PD ports and 2 USB-A ports back at CES in January of this year. Total power output is 100W and you will be able to allocate the power to different ports however you’d like through smart app control. Haven’t heard anything recently, so perhaps @AnkerOfficial could update us all on the progress of this product and others that were also on display at CES.

That would be a nice idea. For now I am good with my Anker adapters!