USB-C 2 pack 6ft Nylon Cables $8.39 / Powercore 13000 $29.99 Amazon US

Title says it all, find it on Amazon:


Thanks for posting about this Ryan. :ok_hand:t2:

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I think the deal for the cable is a good price :+1:


Great deal. I needs a couple of sets of those cables.

Those cables work great, I have two bedside and one in each my wife’s and my car. I also have two in the great room, depending where I choose to sit.

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I got a ton of the old Micro-USB cables and I purchased the Anker adapters and they work great but I think it just adds to much length and weight to the adapter. So I need the new cables.

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Thanks for the deals

That is a great price! Been looking for cables, but for now just lightning cables. Need them discounts!!!

Nice deals, thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

Nice deals, thanks for posting!