USB-A hub with power

I’m looking at the USB hubs and want to make sure I’m getting enough power out to a Korg padKontroller. It looks like my best choice is the “7-Port USB 3.0 Hub”. Does anyone have input on this? I’m hoping not to buy a separate 9V power adapter as I know USB from a computer can power it alone.

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What is the Anker product code? They make many very similar named products.

e.g. I’m seeing two different products with the same name…


In general you do need to power the hub, as the hub itself takes power to make all devices behave normally.

Anker does not state the power taken by the hub so we cannot here in the community know accurately. Say you plugged in the hub into your PC port, and say it was giving out the common 5V 1A so 5W, suppose the hub took 2W you’d then have 3W 5V 0.6A out. Suppose your device needing 5V 0.8A, 4W, then it would work when in the PC but not in the hub, unless the hub had power.

So we can’t be sure something will or won’t work, it depends on information you and Anker have not shared. The safest default is to assume it won’t work and you need to add power, or to minimise cost you be prepared to buy in two phases, buy the hub, see if it works, if not then add a PSU.

I’m seeing one hub sold comes with a PSU.

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