USB-4 is coming to town

Found this article and thought it was cool to share it.


That is pretty cool, looking forward to seeing how well it performs. Thanks for sharing.

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Agh, I wish my current gaming laptop had a USB-C / thunderbolt port. Soon as my 7700HQ and GTX 1060 3gb can’t keep up, I’m upgrading!

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I welcome USB 4 but USB-C has been very slow in the market, I don’t anticipate this being accepted widely just yet. The market is slow and out of whack

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USB 4 only brings increased speed to USB-C port, so you have no worries about it going anywhere anytime soon

Increased speed has been the point all along, and no one is worried, technology is always evolving.

there are barely stuff that support USB 3.1 currently, hoping USB C support becomes more common for laptops and others

My point is that companies are NOT embracing new technology and sticking to old “safe” technology like Micro USB and the slow Lightning port.

We barely have manufacturers implementing USB-C…now USB 4 may get on in 5 years. It’s pathetic.