USB 3.0 Hub

It may not have the 13 connect anything ports of the new PowerExpand “Beast” dock, but for anybody looking to expand their USB 3.0 ports, this is a perfect choice, and available to win in this week’s PowerDraw.

The hub is small, functional and does what it was built to do. I’ve had mine for 3 months and to be honest, I’ve forgotten about it. For me, beyond it actually working, my main priority is convenience. My previous Belkin hub was great for travel, but difficult to use on my desk without looking messy.

I have my Anker hub attached by velcro to the back of my monitor, the low profile making it easy to attach unobtrusively. The connection cable is the perfect length, just long enough to connect into the monitor’s USB slot, but not so long as to be a pain to conceal. The 4 ports give me enough space for my keyboard, mouse and external webcam making for a nice clear workspace.


Glad you’re enjoying it @pfrodsham
Oh, and nice desk set-up :+1:t2:

:+1::+1: Thank you for your review
GLad you like it

What a nice clean working area you have.
If I compare it with mine here… :thinking:

Nice and handy USB hub to expand ports. Nice review and pictures :+1: