USB 3.0 Docking Station

I purchased an USB 3.0 Docking Station a couple of month ago. I
connected the docking station to my laptop and an HDMI cable to a
secondary screen. I now had multiple screen views which I could
configure the way I wanted to. I went to a vacation home and have only
access to a Samsung T220 monitor. It does not have an HDMI port on the
rear of the monitor. It only has a DVI IN and RGB IN ports available.
The Docking Station has remaining an HDMI, DVI, Ethernet and USB ports
available. I tried connecting the HDMI to the DVI IN port and received a
“Check Signal Cable” Analog message on the Samsung screen plus the
screen on my HP Laptop was reduced by about 15%. I did not have any
other configuration cables and before I purchased another alternative, I
thought I would ask what is the best way to have multiple screens with
the configurations as described?