USA: Soundcore Life 2 $65 today



Nice stuff for you guys across the pond. :ok_hand:t2:

Nice buy​:+1::+1:

I thought you meant the life 2 holiday package was 65$ today with the coupon code.

No that coupon thing is not showing today, its a lower price and then a code for today. I think given the noise cancellation and the long battery life its an absolute steal and folks should buy.

You and I are probably getting one for free when Anker USA gets around to it? Given what our european peers got?

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Did you buy those as a gift? I thought you were getting a box.

Not sure when mine will arrive @Nhi who is also in California said hers was arriving today so hopefully today or tomorrow…

The wait is killing me​:persevere::stuck_out_tongue::sunglasses:

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I not bought one, no I was just checking the code worked for others. Its now basically half the launch price and like 1/5th a Bose.



Dang, that’s how much I paid for the Vortex back this past summer.

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You noticed the review?

So think value for money and not as good as Bose at fraction of cost.

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Yes, I got mine on Thursday. I’ve been super busy setting up my new iMac and other things. The gift box is really nice. Lots of goodies in there. That’s strange that you haven’t heard anything about yours. Perhaps email Anker?

I have here a ticket for that live 2 for 55.99 Euros.


I don’t have shipping notification. But I learned with Anker, free stuff has its own personality. Sometimes just plops on doormat, sometimes its a DHL from China notice. Everything in between. Also known as random.

Nice deals