USA Slim 63W - first ever discount $40

First time this has been discounted.

If you extrapolate from its nearest similar product the Slim 65W, this should end up lowest price around $30 so factor that in your decision to buy at this $40 price.


Lets compare it!

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The Slim 65W may be a better for certain people who have a 45W laptop and want to share 20W across 3 USB-A.

The Slim 63W does have two USB-C but its not intelligent, if you plug something into the 18W port, instead of taking power from the two unused USB-A, who have 20W, it takes it from the 45W port, drops it to 30W, so if you had a laptop and say an iPhone, then plugging in the iphone in the 18W would cause many laptops to stop charging at 30W. So the iPhone + laptop user would prefer to us the USB-A port to use up the 15W budget, and so not really be better off with the 63W than the 65W.

The Slim 63W is certainly a step in the right direction, two USB-C, but I’m sure Anker can make a much better product, just keep kicking them. My suggestion there is a max per port and a max in total and each port is allowed up to its max so long as total is in the charger max. So then say 65W 4 port would give 65W to one port, but if plugged in a flat iPhone then 65W becomes 45W+18W.

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Thanks for the explanation @professor. I’m not in the market for a USB-C charger yet but good to know. :slight_smile:

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At least someone is getting a discount on this @professor

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