USA: Model Zero $140, Motion Q $39

No codes just clip the coupon


This a great deal. :thumbsup:

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Tagged the Zero under this thread yesterday, didn’t notice the Motion Q though at the time;

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Nice deal :ok_hand:

Too bad I just got a new Bluetooth speaker this past Christmas :disappointed:

You can never have too many… I have the model zero, 2-flares, 2-motion Q’s, 2- mini 2’s, the Nano, and the original mini. All of which gets used

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Lol that’s true. And I thought having 3 Bluetooth speakers was too many

You say that but I have Mini 2, 2 mini, 2 Nano and I gave away loads, a Soundcore, etc. I barely use any of them, the one I like most is Nano I use in kitchen when it is noisy.

Soundbuds Life, Slim+… they’re you’re talking (literally) I burn through them all day every day.

We are all different!

If I had the financial means at the moment, I would get the model zero. Maybe I’ll catch one next time they do a deal. :wink:

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Go for it.
Different from the other stuff! :wink: