USA: cube $19



Thanks for the deals saves me from searching for them myself

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Nice deal :heart_eyes:

more coming!

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Thanks for sharing this. I might just purchase it. We need s few more power strips around the house. This one sounds really nice.

Good deal for those who need more outlets and USB ports

What’s on the 6th side of this cube?

You have 3 AC ports, one side is the 110v plug, and one is the 3 usb bank.

Whats on the 6th side? I’m I crazy?

Cord in = 1
Flat side nothing on = 2
3 sides of AC = +3 = 5
USB = 1 +5 = 6

The flat side nothing on is either facing ground or sticky to something like under a desk. I have this item and it is by the living room fire with 3 6ft lightning MicroB USBC cables, a lamp and recharging my electric skateboard.

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Love this thing - check out my review:

What kind of electric skateboard do you have? My son wants one but I haven’t even looked into them

Acton Bink S. Get you son knee pads, elbow pads, cycling gloves and get used to seeing bruises for a few weeks til he gets the knack.

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