USA: 5 port USB PD $35 today

5 Port Powercore USB PD $35


Nice find. I’m always looking for Anker deals

Thanks for the deal but already have two

That’s an excellent charger. I have two of them and one is mounted under my desk, easily accessible at the counter edge.

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I have mine mounted just in the inside of my bedframe with all the cables routed to my nightstand. Perfectly situated so you don’t see it, but easily accessible if needed

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Nice deal :clap:

I love these chargers. I’ve got a QC 3.0 five port and the original 6 port. The addition of PD was a natural progression for this product. This is also an excellent deal.

I have one of mine set up just like that too

I have mine installed in my “Private Bureau”.
It’s common use!

So I get in touch with my wife, when she needs to charge something! :joy:

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