US Supreme Court rules that consumers can sue Apple for App Store practices

U.S Supreme Court has ruled that consumers can sue Apple for anti-competitive practices regarding the App Store… this will only open more flood gates for likes of Spotify and now the Parental monitoring apps that Apple slashed from App store plus many users who are needing to jailbreak (root) the phones being tightly held within the gardens…

There will be many repercussions out of this ruling…


That’s very interesting… do you have a link to an article?

Read it on Bing news / Flipboard this am, here are the Links:



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good for customers and even better for lawyers :joy:

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I wonder if this will cause Amazon to open up their Fire Tablets so you won’t have to jailbreak them to get access to the full Google Play Store.

Basically, all Smartphone eco system needs to have access to multiple app stores… this looks like a long battle, and how many will be willing to go that route knowing the limitations of support

Interesting news!!