[US] Save 15% on PowerPort Atom PD 1!

Anker’s PowerPort Atom PD 1 is 15% off for a limited time via Amazon US!

It brings the cost down from $34.99 to just $25.49! :heart_eyes:

Features & details

  • Small Yet Mighty - The laptop charger that’s the size of a phone charger. A 30W output delivers high-speed charging to Apple phones, tablets, laptops, and all USB-C devices.
  • High-Speed - 2.5× faster than the 5W charger that comes with your iPhone. Charge iPhone 8 and later up to 50% in just 30 minutes.
  • Ultra-Compact - 40% smaller than an out-of-the-box MacBook charger; about the size of a golf ball. Takes up minimal space in any pack or pocket (does not have a foldable plug).
  • Powered by GaN - By swapping out silicon for gallium nitride (GaN), we’ve created a higher efficiency charger that generates less heat, allowing our charging technology to be shrunk smaller than ever.
  • What You Get - PowerPort Atom PD 1 wall charger, welcome guide, our worry-free 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’ve been eyeing Anker’s shiny new charger, now is a better time than ever to get in on the excitement!

If you’re still not sure whether PowerPort Atom is the right choice for you, feel free to check out my recent video review!

Be sure to let us know if you’ll be adding to your Anker collection with this sweet discount! :sunglasses:


Waiting for an Atom 2 60W smart GaN version to exist


I’m waiting for it, too! Late April or May is the latest word, but we know how that can go…


The Atom 2 I don’t want its huge, not GaN., I’m waiting for the Atom 2 II

Atom 2 II:

  • 2 PD ports sharing 60W, e.g 1 port is 60W, or one is 45W, other 15W, or two 30W

The Powercore 15000 PD will be:

  • 45W in
  • two PD out, combined 45W, e.g. one port is 45W, but if you use both say one is 30W, other is 15W.

The Soundcore Life II is:

  • USB-C input

These new products would number the ports so the priority port is given first refusal of power, and if you connected the laptop and the future Powercore 15000 PD the laptop will get priority and eventually the Powercore is given full performance 45W once the laptop reduces its demand as its battery gets charged.

Then I can carry my laptop, two USB-C cables, my Powercore, my Atom and can charge laptop, tablet, phone, buds.

The Atom 2 II, plus Powercore 15000 PD, with 2 Powerline USB-C cables for $99.

Can but dream…

Atom 1 is just so far short of what we need.


Thanks for the deal!


Nice gifs you got there @professor , Matches the situation exactly. Where do you source these - Giphy ?

Those are great ideas. I hope Anker is reading your post. I’d love for an Atom with 60w and GaN

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It will happen, but I suspect not til next year.

The general pace of innovation in the Powerport range is slowing. To squeeze out one product, the Atom 1, after months, is not that quick. The Atom 2, months later, not GaN, is huge. I’ll never buy it. The Atom 4, it got panned for its hugeness in its brief availability, I’ll never buy it.

This is obviously a challenge for Anker, and if they solve it, probably quietly unannounced as they are basically a year behind.


You wouldn’t buy the Atom 4? Not even if it was for a really low price?

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No. it’s huge, and when at home, you do not need really to consolidate the ports, so when at home I do not see a reason for it, and when moving, I also do not see a need for it.

Contrast with say the original Powerport 5, for its time it was a physical consolidation and simplification and a fairly low cost, the 2019 version is none of those.

My laptop it does take 45W PD input, it has USB output ports for likes of phones, buds, so I only really need a 45W output PD.

My tablet is 18W PD input (verified) but it has no output ports so it needs to use a 3-4 port output device.

So nothing I own will benefit from the Atom 4 in its current form factor.

I’d take one for free possibly, or at home for a $30-$40 type price, but I just spent $36 on the 60W PD charger. $100 for a 4 port charge is just silly.


Oh I see, thanks for the explanation. Seems like you have your charging needs figured out and covered. You are the professor :+1:


Will Canada get a deal on this? :wink::pensive:

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[quote=“professor, post:10, topic:67024”]
I’d take one for free possibly
[/quote]possibly :joy:

Thanks for the deal but they are still not exactly what I am looking for however I might cave and get it anyway


interesting deal… but I’ll wait for the Atom 2 :blush:


Nice deal!


Atom 2 will be released on Amazon in April.


When will the GaN smaller successor be released? This year or next year?

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This year.:grin:


I think I may have found it… :eyes: