US. Robivac g30. 149

I was watching Hallmark Christmas movies with my wife and saw a Walmart Christmas ad and the commercial showed a Eufy vacuum. Unsure if this is the same but you may want to check Walmart ads coming up in near future.

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Hmm not a bad price for it :+1:

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I saw a similar commercial for the 25c

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After I posted this from my mobile device ( and see my fingers hit the wrong letter), I did see that one again.
I thought about getting this for the wife ( or potentially the frames after the review for me) but things have changed.

Wife stated about our old couch was getting bad. So we are pulling our Christmas money from a few sources to us to see what we can get with that money. :frowning: A need is always better than an a want. :slight_smile:

We have had that for years and the spring just is not giving that bounce as it did in the past and you start to sink into the couch. :rofl: