[US] PowerPort III 65W Pod, ONLY $29.99!

Anker’s first charger with Programmable Power Supply is on sale for just $29.99 with code MRANKPOD.

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Features & details

  • High-Speed Charging: The 65W USB-C port provides enough power to fully charge iPhone 11 up to 1.5 hours faster than with an original charger, and charge an iPad Pro 11ʺ (2018) or MacBook Pro 16’’ in just 2 and a half hours.
  • One for All: Equipped with PowerIQ 3.0 technology to deliver optimized charging to virtually any mobile device, including phones, tablets, and laptops. Also supports Programmable Power Supply (PPS) for compatibility with Samsung Super Fast Charging.
  • Unique Compact Design: PowerPort III 65W Pod has a narrow body to fit easily in between larger chargers, and is equipped with foldable prongs for greater portability.
  • Optimized Performance: Our exclusive MiniFuel technology incorporates a stacked design to reduce the footprint of our chargers while increasing efficiency and heat dissipation for a better all-round charging experience.
  • What You Get: PowerPort III 65W Pod, welcome guide, our worry-free 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service. (Cable not included)



Nice deal, it just has a weird elongated look to it

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Waiting for PPS chargers to he available in the UK.
Messaged Anker recently and no plans :pensive:

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This model should be available in the UK soon, @paulstevenewing!

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Do you feel the 100W smaller charger whispering from the near future?

If I were Anker I’d release a GaN 85W to feed the hubs which does passthru 60W. So I reckon 85W and then 100W.

There is only the tiniest of additional cost for higher wattage as need more metal to dissipate heat. So if Anker can make a profit on 65W $30 then 100W $35 is viable price. The electronics inside cost Anker $4 and add the case and plug and port.

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Let’s hope so although thats not the impression i got.
Although i dont need anything that powerful.
A 30w PPS charger would suit me fine.
Maybe keeping their cards close to their chest!

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Left hand right hand comes to mind. Products often just appear.

The best use of Anker’s time in my opinion what they should have done in the first place, just make all these larger than Nano size use the slide-on plug design and so it works in all countries. Better that than a custom UK and custom EU version.

Once they do that then we can largely forget the significant delay for a slightly different molded plastic design for UK after US.

Makes perfect sense to me. Elongated shapes thermally cool better, and this fits in more confined spaces. Although two flavours, one with the pins on the long side so it hugs the wall instead may suit some more. Like the Slim 45 for example, it is elongated for thermal reasons but the hinge on the long side.

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Who do you trust more, @paulstevenewing? :wink:


#confidence lol

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You and Anker are not incompatible. You say soon, that is not a date. Anker didn’t give a date either. You’re saying therefore the same thing.

I’ll add the differences for a UK version is trivial so no reason to see a long wait, but as the factory’s priority if fluid based on sales, I can’t predict a date either. But I’d be surprised if it’s longer than 2-3 months which is 2 inventory cycles.

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I agree, though that is not the way @paulstevenewing initially described it:

Paul didn’t read it correctly. They said they don’t know. They didn’t say no plans. Paul is seeking a date when a date is not possible and trying to beckon a false negative.

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Let’s be honest, a date never seems possible with Anker. When they do announce dates, they usually change.


There is only the now, the today.

Delay your purchase decisions, buy the least, until you need an item, then on the day you must buy, buy what is sold. That is the only and the best way.

Too many here want to know a future so they can plan, and they all seem to end up paying for that in either paying earlier more expensive or belief in a let down promise.

Just buy today. Welcome to large complex supply chains reaching into China and technology.

To delve deeper, the factories have a slight retooling task to change what they make. Say the consumers surprise Anker and buy more of a given product, at a low discount, well Anker would be foolish to do other than tell factories to immediately make more of such a product. That then necessarily delays another product. To ask a company with many products to give dates is implicitly asking them to predict consumers and lock themselves into a low-profit mindset. So it is flaw to even ask the question.

I only know is it hard or easy, hard means a longer wait, but I can’t give dates either. For example, the Powerconf discounted slightly for months, likely due to work-from-home due to the you-know-what. That means more is made of it to meet demand, means some other product later. Unpredictability = flexibility.

It is only once the product is physically made and then it’s shipping, does prediction become accurate, and that is 3-6 weeks. So for me “don’t know” means > 3-6 weeks.

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Cool I didn’t know that :+1: as long as it cools better than I’m ok with whatever shape lol

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Elongated shapes cool better

You live in a 3D universe where energy is a conserved quantity, so for any given closed surface the energy flux is identical. A sphere has the least surface area for a given volume but an elongated shape has more.

Worked for dinosaur cooling their blood.


Please Anker release dinosaur-shaped charging bricks :rofl:


Fair point @Insider :wink:

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My boy would love that :rofl: @ikari04warrior

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Nice deal!! :clap:

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