[US] Anker Power Strip 6 Outlet and 3 USB Ports $21.99

This is a relatively new product to my knowledge so its nice to see it on sale


Great share @ktkundy
Hope you are keeping well.


I’m doing pretty well. Had my birthday last weekend and am doing an internship and research over the summer so I’ve been busy but good. Hope all is well with you. I loved the beach photos with Charlie


Thats great to hear Kaitlyn, and belated Happy Birthday!
Looks like a busy summer for you and sounds exciting.
We love the beach and so lucky our nearest is 25 minutes away.
Enjoy the rest of the week.

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This is a more bulky version if the ones I’ve seen before lol

i agree it looks bulky but the ports are on three sides of it so its just a different style to fit different needs people may have

Nice deal!

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Hallo Kaitlyn,
a late happy birthday to you.
I can send you some flowers, better than nothing. :laughing:

Great to hear you are doing fine!

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Looks like a good deal! I can think of several places I could use one of this size!

Happy belated birthday @ktkundy hope you had a good one.