US 512WH PowerHouse + 100W Solar $800

Bundle offer. Select the discount coupon to make $800

Reminder: 100W is not possible Solar it is probably 70W in good conditions and this 512Wh 500W won’t operate fridge/freezer apart from the portable 12V DC type.

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Good find @professor
If only we had consistent enough daylight to warrant a great product like this.

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The USA is further south (UK is mid way up Canada latitude) so gets stronger sunshine and most of the country excluding basically the top left and top right corners gets consistent sunshine.

The Powerhouse and owning a car go together as the Powerhouse is so heavy you’d not be walking with them, the bigger solar panels similarly you’d not be walking with one. Your car can easily make 60W and recharge many things.

This Anker 500W powerhouse needs to up it’s surge power to 1000W then it would work better for domestic uses.

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