US: 10W Wireless $12 today

Better than the $13 deal from yesterday, click the coupon there in the screenshot above.


one of the Android websites posted this deal early this morning. Its a great deal.


That is a great deal, especially if you’ve been holding out for a good offer on one.


Thanks for the deal love these posts cause they rob my wallet because I can’t say now

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Great deal! I already have a wireless charger but I will share with friends/family

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I’m holding on buying another wireless charger until the Wakey comes out


If there is a need you might go for it.
Fantastic offer!

I already have enough wireless chargers now, I got two in my bedroom, 1 in my son’s bedroom, 1 on my son/my desk, and 2 in our Great Room.

Now, once the dual pad comes out I can cut down on the Ines in the great room and my bedroom. Let’s hope it comes out soon

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Nice deal :clap:

Can someone outline why wireless chargers are better than wired? Ive always thought why do you need wireless, when its faster (to charge) to just plug it in.

Convenience at places you spend a lot of time like an office desk or bedside. Just saves the wire plugging in.

It is just a minor added convenience I’d not recommend paying substantially more.

An example is you’d pick up off bedside charger when you wake, when get to office put it on charger when not used, pick up, put down, no wire and its mostly charged when you leave work and so you can last basically many days never plugging in a wire. Is that worth a lot of $ ?. No not in my view but it does for example reduce the need to plug in say a Powercore or a Fusion instead later in the day.

If all other things were equal and I had choice of wireless charging vs wired, I’d go with wireless.

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Just convenience and a wireless charger will charge any phone that has that capability. So let’s say you have a Samsung phone and an iPhone, you could charge both of them (not at once obviously) vs having to have each specific cable for each phone

That is true. Thanks, although I am apple for life (for now)

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Wireless aren’t better, they are so convenient tho.

I have 2 wireless stands, 1 standard charge, and 1 fast charge. 1 by my bed, and 1 by my chair (fast charge).

Even at night on the odd occasion I go to bed, I don’t have to pick up the cable and twiddle to plug it in… I just plonk my phone on the stand, job done :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark:

For the one by my sofa, again, no more stretching for the cable.

Only real downside are speed (time to full) and constant charge as you use, that you get with a cable, otherwise very useful.

I like wireless chargers for one reason… they don’t wear out.

When I use a wired connection (especially USB-C and Lightning- but all connectors as well) the port begins to wear out of months/years of use. When I use wireless it doesn’t wear out the port- keeping the value of my phone higher, and allowing me to keep my phone longer.

I use a wired connection if I need a really fast charge for some reason, but I generally just use wireless

Same here, but not for the same reasons! I’ve never in 26 years been asked how worn is the connection, when selling my previous phone.

Neither have I, but I don’t like to be dishonest in my eBay listings… so I always put it on there and reduce the price slightly…

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There’s no need to make inappropriate jokes here. I kindly ask you to remove it… there are kids here on occasion :wink:

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I totally recommend.

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