Upsell Me! Suggest cables to use when I'm buying a charger.

If a cable is not going to be included with the charger (and that’s fine), it would be nice if the Anker website could recommend an appropriate cable to be used with the charger so I can purchase that as well. Sell me a solution, not just parts.

When I’m buying a charger, I want to make sure I get an appropriate cable to go with it. I have a " PowerPort III 65W Pod Lite" but I’m not sure which cable to buy for USB-C PD purposes. Most of the PD cables I see say 60W max. Is that going to hamper my charger? I don’t have any devices that need 65W, or even 60W, but I want to be prepared for the future.

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Assuming you’re using modern technology only, not legacy like iPhone, then there are only two differences between cables.

3A or 5A rated cables. 3A is 60W maximum, 5A is 100W. If it doesn’t say 100W then its 60W.

USB speed, 2.0 3.1 3.2 Thunderbolt. If you’re only using for charging, not data transfer, then they are the same function.

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What kind of cable are you looking for? USB C, lighting?

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Primary interest is USB-C to charge a Chromebook (45W) and Android phones. May invest in a USB-C to Lightning cable as well just to have it.

There’s no need to buy more than any Anker USBC cable you like look of. They’ll all perform the same for your needs.

Lightning is an illogical to exist port, I’d wait til you require one.

Personally I’d get one long and one short cable and the Powercore Slim 63W desk charger, it will do your laptop, phones and any legacy (buds, watch, flashlight, etc). This would complement the pod charger you own.

I never bought a high wattage USB PD single port harger as I never encountered a situation I’d want a fast laptop charge and yet not also be with a phone. Situations do arise of just being with a phone so a single port lower wattage USB PD charger has a role. So I think it’s own a Nano for phone, the Slim 63W for laptop+phone.

Did you end up picking one?