Upgrading HomeBase firmware

I setup my Homebase and 2 Eufy cameras.

When i click the Camera settings and click device Info, i get the following message:

Homebase version upgrade reminder - the current homebase version is too low, please upgrade to latest version.

However, i have not been able to find a place from where i can upgrade the Homebase FW version.

Anyone know the solution to this?

I had the same error also and it appears that the HomeBase automatically upgrades it’s firmware after a certain period of time. The only reason I think this is because eventually the error went away. It would be nice if the app could give more info while the firmware was being downloaded.

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I just spoke with a customer support guy about the firmware. He said it could take up to 24 hours for a firmware update to be pushed to your device. There is no manual way to update currently. He said the developers know this is a feature users want and maybe added in the future.

I got an email from Eufy earlier today listing following;

What we recommend backers to do:

For those who installed iOS beta App from TestFlight, please uninstall and install the latest App from App Store.

For other backers who got the App from Google Play or App Store, please go to Eufy Security App page accordingly and upgrade the App.

The HomeBase and camera will check and apply the upgrade automatically when the system is idle. You do not need to physically do anything to apply the upgrade outside of updating the app.

For reference, the latest software for the system is:

a. HomeBase: (Check it on Side Menu - My Devices - HomeBase - Device Info)

b. Camera: 1.6.8 (Check it on Camera Settings - Device Info)

c. Android App: V0.1.5 (Check it by going to: Side Menu - About)

d. iOS App: V1.0.2 (Check it by going to: Side Menu - About)

*The HomeBase and camera upgrade will be dispatched per region and in batches but no later than Nov-22th.

my system is at following:

IOS app: eufy security v 1.0.2
Home base :
subsystem version
AI version
ufyCam: 1.6.6T2
subsystem ver:

your statement about firmware updating automatically could be why my system is still at older releases. I will wait till nov 22, before going back to Support on this.


Just for a point of reference for anyone else…here are my versions as received on 11/19/2018.

Home base :
subsystem version
AI version

EufyCam sys ver: 1.6.3
Subsystem ver:

Entry Sensor FW:
Hardware Ver:

Android App Ver: 0.1.5(US)

So I guess I am still waiting for some updates.

When I went to check the versions on both of my cameras, homebase and app after I received the email, I already had the latest versions. I am in the Southeast US, so the regional pushouts may have not reached your area yet.

If by the 23rd you haven’t gotten the latest versions, then you might want to contact support. I have used the chat a couple of times from within the app and I have received quick and very helpful responses. Best of luck!

Thanks - support asked me to wait till EOD today, and if the system has still not been updated, they will look into it.

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I received the update sometime last night. I am now at version for the HomeBase. No change to the camera firmware. Still at 1.6.3. Not sure what, if anything, has changed

Another update pushed to my HomeBase. Now at Cameras now at 1.6.8. The only change I see is a setting to change the camera working mode: either Optimal battery life mode or Optimal surveillance mode. I don’t remember seeing those settings when I first install the cameras.

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So I was going thru the FAQ on the kickstarter page and made a list of most of the features the system is supposed to have.

Build in support for RTSP streaming so that footage can be saved to NAS.
Recording time is configurable from 5 seconds to 300 seconds (5 minutes)
Amazon Alexa and Google Home support
Motion Detection Sensitivity to “Humans Only”
Scenes to mute alerts at specific time
Users can set EverCam to not send notifications when trusted persons are detected
Users can live stream and make recordings on a desktop web browser
The system supports geofencing

Where are all of these setting?

My system went bonkers on me and was offline for a week so I basically uninstalled everything and did the setup again. What a PITA. Let’s just hope it doesn’t screw up again.

Mine updated automatically finally over the weekend.
homebase is now at and the Cams are at 1.6.8.