Upgrades for the Soundcore 2?

Hey Folks!

Many of you have or may not tried the Soundcore 2 or Flare 2. It’s seems that the Flare 2 is more appreciated by the community, but I really like the soundcore 2. Let me explain!
For traveling purposes the soundcore 2 has the best shape, fits perfectly in my luggage and with its protection case. It feels like the Bose soundlink mini but for the quality of the sound between both 2, I would go for a Soundlink mini. But I love Anker Soundcore, I would really wish for the ultimate SoundCore 3 product with a slightly more high end quality build with a very drastic improvement in sound quality which is for me the core build! I wish for not only one single led indicator but at least 4 like their powerbanks, it would help knowing the level of battery and expanding it’s lifetime.
This is a wish I have because all Anker products suits me perfectly except for the speakers, I feel disappointed for everyone of them, even tho Flare 2 has put the level of sound quality a little higher.
Let me know what you think? Am I the only one whishing for an Ultimate Soundcore speaker?
Maybe this topic is outdated, in case I’m sorry and will remove it!

All the best,
Thanks for the work

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There’s oodles of new Soundcore products coming, so if you’re happy waiting.

If you can’t wait, as Soundcore doesn’t share roadmaps, so I’d just aim for best of what exists now.

I’d give consideration to buying two Mini 3. They pack easier and you can carry 1 or 2 and they do Partycast (not stereo).

For travel, I don’t use speakers, too bulky for minimalist carry-on backpack existence.

There is no, because some customers like this model, some another.

Have you tested all types? (kidding)
There are so many, too many. :grin:

Meanwhile I like Flare and Flare mini.
Of course two of these connected in Stereo mode.
For traveling I take the minis.
Really perfect.

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Some good musings, and i do quite enjoy my flare 2s. With three setup in a bit of a triangle, the sound is quite spacious.

If you aren’t over at the soundcore community, that might be another good place to check out and offer these suggestions too :wink:

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Partycast moving to app support and allowing to control the balance and EQ per speaker , yells at me from a near future. In my mind’s eye it’s easy engineering, I’d not be surprised if Partycast II comes in next range of speakers. Not difficult engineering at all. Just needs us to shout often for it float to top of engineering list.

When we’re talking better products we immediately straddle older, recent and future products.

So long as they stop letting us talk about future products it becomes somewhat anaemic discussion. We have more confidence in what is coming next 1-2 weeks and some hints further. We can as adults extrapolate and make reasonable guesses.

We can then also guide Soundcore by how many people ask for something, they can shuffle product releases around.

The future is co-invented, not dumped on us lesser beings by a genius in an ivory tower for us to bow at when released.



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I have a Flare 2 and I think it rocks :sunglasses:

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Ditto x3 :flushed:

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