Upgraded New PowerCore Speed (Updated Post)

On Amazon, there is an upgraded version of the PowerCore Speed. It has 20000 mAh, but is more compact than the PowerCore Speed 20000 that was released late last year. Details and images have now been added. You can purchase it now and choose to receive it by next Tuesday. What do you guys think? It is currently priced at $49.99 - is anyone going to buy this? From what I can tell, no features or technologies have been changed from the previous version, which I won in a giveaway last year. Have a great day!


As you mentioned, this looks like it’s a redesign of the older PowerCore Speed 20,000 but with no QuickCharge here:

The design above was downright HUGE…you could tap on the case and tell there were no internal cells in 1/3 of the case towards the connector end (I mentioned this in my review of the older model). It seems like they simply used the same casing as the PowerCore 26800, omitted a cell or two and shifted/omitted port openings to fit with this design being the end result. It’s casing is way too big for a 20,000mAh external battery…whatever circuitry involved in the “Speed” aspect of it does not likely consume the space of multiple cells. This had me scratching my head…:confused:

Here is my Amazon review of the PowerCore Speed QC 20000 if interested.

This newer design (linked to in joshuad11’s original post) seems to be the same size as the standard PowerCore 20000, with no QC but includes the “Speed” aspect (whatever that means) of the older design.


Whenever Anker announces a new product I research it’s specs and get it’s capacity per volume and weight and decide if I want it. My own money had gone on the 26800 20W input 30W output, and the 10000 10W input 10W output.

The challenge is actually getting robust specifications because they either are omitted or contradictory between Anker and Amazon.

In the case of the “speed” products they are not compelling on my basis.

The details have finally been added. It appears as though it does support QC in one port, but still only two ports total and one input. Good news is that they have cut back on the size and weight to make it more comparable to the PowerCore II 20000, but still appears to have the old battery design.

Still unsure what Anker defines as a “Speed” product.

Looks like an [Upgraded] (as per your original link to the Amazon page) PowerCore Speed 20000 QC3.0 unit…much smaller and likely no empty case space as the original unit. Here’s the direct links to

The original PowerCore Speed 20000 with QC3.0:

The [Upgraded] PowerCore Speed 20000 with QC3.0::

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It was briefly on the UK power users page this morning, then was changed out for a PowerCore 10000 shortly afterwards :confused:

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Thanks I’ve updated my spreadsheet.

It is a tiny improvement you can see the new vs old on the left and right.

Overall there is still a size and weight penalty for QC. The key electronic difference I infer from the lack of being mentioned is the Speed 20000 lacks QC input. So you’ve bought a QC device (phone typically) so it has a QC charger (which are physically larger) and yet you can’t use it fully to recharge this 20000. So you can see the room for improvement given the context of the owner.

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I’m guessing the giveaway next week is going to feature the SoundBuds Life.

what problem do I have with the Slims which the Life will fix? I just look at the neckband and say noo…

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Looks like the 20100 is the best in terms of mAh density…

Two types of density, mah vs unit weight, mah vs unit volume.

So which is important to you depends on what you are carrying in. For a pocket it is both, for say a small backpack its more volume density. They roughly correlate but not perfectly. So for example the Powercore II 20000 is the same weight as the Speed 20000 but is larger but it recharges faster due to 4A 5V 20W input. Some will care for only output speed, some input speed, some both. I care more about weight density and volume density and recharge speed for a mostly off-grid and precious time on-grid contexts, but everyone is different.

Overall, I see the greatest problem is a confusing very long list of products, many still available on Amazon if you used Amazon as your stumbling place. Needs a pair of hedge trimmers. Most folks will either not even be aware of what QC really is or much anything of the differences between Anker products. It is an unkept cluttered list in Amazon in particular.

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Based on the Amazon listing… and Anker’s web site https://www.anker.com/products/variant/PowerCore-Speed-20000mAh-*Upgraded/A1278011

It supports QC3 output on one port and 5v/2A PowerIQ on the other… but INPUT(to recharge the PowerCore) supports QC2. That is a plus!

Good catch!