Upgraded Liberty Neo on offer in the UK - £39.99

First post in a while - work been keeping me far too busy…

Had an email yesterday for the updated Liberty Neo headphones with 29% off.

Now available for £39.99 with code S6PHZHI2

As far as I can tell, the code isn’t unique as I have another account signed up, I don’t always get the offer emails on my main account for some reason.

Ordered a pair for the boss as the Liberty Lite battery life isn’t as good as these. She’s training for a marathon and the Lite’s batteries aren’t quite cutting it anymore…


Nice deal… thanks for sharing

what the difference with the previous neo model?
only battery and IPX rate?


Awesome deals for us U.K. folk. Thanks for posting about it Noel!

As well as better IP rating and battery life (the 2 reasons I bought them) they also have the sweatproof coating and BassUp.

I’m sure I read that you can pair them to your phone individually, to allow use of either one, and this also improves the battery life. Not 100% on that though, correct me if I’m wrong there…

I’ll have a play with them over the next few days against the Liberty Lites, I’ll try and report back with a review. Work is ridiculously busy at the moment, and a house move on the horizon doesn’t leave too much play time…

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Many thanks for the additional details. You are right, there are many improvements with respect to the LITE version, while from my understanding “only” the battery and the IPX rate have been modified/improved from the previous NEO model.
Please correct me if i am wrong

thanks for sharing!

This is Liberty Neo 2!

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