Upgraded Bolder LC40 Flashlight

This is essentially what the LC40 should have been in the first place, and is a more significant upgrade over the new LC90.

Key differences vs original:
Rechargeable via micro USB
Uses and includes 18650 over choice between triple As and 18650 (neither included)
Addition of Medium and SOS modes
Pocket clip vs lanyard
Only slightly larger

Prior to these new flashlights, I considered the LC90 to be the sweet spot, but with these new ones, I think the LC40 takes my money. That’s because I would value the lower price and portability of this model over the brighter light, flood control, and extended battery life of the LC90.

This flashlight is in stock as of October 17 for $20.

Now that we’ve seen upgrades LC40 and LC90 flashlights, it is well within reason to expect a new LC130 imminently. Do you own an LC130 or were you considering purchasing one? If so, what changes would you like to see with an improved version? Of course, I’ll keep you updated just as soon as it drops so keep checking back with the Anker power station!

Also be sure to tell me your thoughts on the new LC40. As you can probably tell, personally I’m excited for it. I do wish it had USB-C, though. :roll_eyes: Oh well.


Another nice find, @joshuad11! I also like the switch to Micro USB recharging (although USB-C would have also been nice) as it is so much more convenient than changing the batteries.

Product link for anyone wishing to save it to their Amazon Wish List: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072171VHQ/


Nice find Josh, like the inclusion of charging and a pocket clip this time around!

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@ndalby @TechnicallyWell

Do either of you think this could be the start of yet another brand under Anker? I was wondering because of the apparent emphasis on Bolder vs Anker.

I’m seeing it more as a naming convention but often it does seem like a new brand is being pushed, for example;

Karapax (by Anker)
Anker Bolder

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Up to 50 hours. These improvements are a bright idea. I’m glad it went to the recharging style vs the usual batter non chargeable. The clip is a nice addition although the lanyard could come in handy too. With this theme, the LC130 is next for the update. The battery life should be extended. Maybe someone should make a chart and list the features besides the amount of lumens. It’s longer last on a charge, but not as bright as it’s bigger brother LC90. I own the LC90 and I like the newer battery capacity of the upgraded version. Anker’s future is bright and when you want something to stand out, you make it Bolder.

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I thought it was up to 6 hours (?). And haha, I get it. ^^

Features & details
SUPER-BRIGHT: 400-lumen Cree LED (50000-hour lifespan). A compact, yet radiant flashlight to illuminate any dark spot, space, or place. Features High / Medium / Low / Strobe / SOS modes.
LONG-LASTING: Up to 50 hours of powerful, non-diminishing brightness from the included premium rechargeable 3350mAh battery. LEDs boast an extended 50000-hour lifespan. Recharge in 6 hours with a 1A adapter (not included) and the included USB cable.
TOUGH AND RELIABLE: IP65-rated. Designed for almost any conditions, from heavy rain to dry and dusty environments. Its durable aluminum body and shock-resistance endure rough handling.

I have two MagLites and the rechargable one isn’t charging anymore. Also same goes for a Craftsman shop light. More portable lights would be nice. And maybe special edition flashlights

The third image says six hours, but in the description it says it takes six hours(on a 1amp). However the image has the flashlight charging.

The Anker spy master does it again!

So I own the LC40, 90, 130. Probably the LC130 is the least liked due to its huge size and despite having the chunky light head it does not zoom like the LC90.

For this new LC40 my initial thoughts:

  • given the head size, why no zoom like the LC90?
  • it’s larger head makes less pocketable. I tend to use the LC40 for when packing due to its size, more of an emergency / backup, and the LC90 as my more everyday use torch due to the zoom.
  • it makes it much more like the LC90 in size.
  • LC40 was a good value torch to own in quantity, when you get into owning a few the cost of the charger dilutes. This newer version has more inherent features makes me think it will be higher in cost. As a one-off single buying decision it will be likely better than the old LC40+charger cost.

I’m missing the old LC40 already :sob:

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How you know this?

So I see this

Showing the 1.3" at widest point and 5" long. I don’t see the diameter at its narrowest?

The LC40 inside has a rattling loose 18650 as the inside is sized also for 3 AAA so there was scope to make most of the length narrower, but the LC90 which didnt need to fit 3 AAA just bulked out the width of the tube rather than narrow its body so LC40 and LC90 ended up identical width at their base. So what has the new LC40 done?

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Man stop dooming me to sleep on the couch, I lov me some bright lights and even better that it’s rechargable like all of my others

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Never had a rechargeable light, 50 hours is a crazy amount of battery life!

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50 hours if probably one of the flashing modes when basically the light is off more often. Don’t know if the SOS or strobe would last longer.

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Thanks @joshuad11 for yet another Anker product on my wish list. :stuck_out_tongue: I like the addition of the clip and rechargeable batteries. I guess the days of the Maglites are over. LOL…


I’m sorry. I was way off. Whoops! :grimacing: You are right. I guess it is the same as the LC90. In that case, I agree with you: the original LC40 will be missed.

The narrower end width is not stated but by zooming the picture up and then pro-rata with ruler on screen I get to 0.89 inch / 2.25cm roughly (within say 5% error) and the LC40 width is 2.6cm so does appear narrower for most of its length. A 18650 is about 1.8cm width and the 3 AAA holder is about 2.1cm width so it looks as they ditched the AAA holder they have made the body narrower.

The LC40 is about 4.8" long so the new LC40 is a fraction longer not bad given they put the charging circuit in the button end.

I suspect when put side by side most would prefer the new LC40. So the general consensus of the LC90 being the sweetspot will probably more move to the LC40.

New LC40 price prediction would be around $18-$21 once the “silly price for a few days” period ends, as the LC90 is normally around $25 and we have fewer CREE and not the zoom.

Begs what will happen with the LC130.

I will still miss the old LC40 :sob:

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I can’t remember the one I have. I love it. Its bright and comes in a small design. I use it for night photo shoots and documenting old buildings that often have little to no lighting. I tossed the lanyard. It just got in the way.

Once I loose this one, I will purchase this no one. Rechargeable and clips are always good when it comes to flashlights.


you can quickly tell what you have from this, skip to 1m16s