[Upgraded] Anker PowerPort II (Review)

[Upgraded] Anker PowerPort II

This newely updated wall charger is part of Anker’s ongoing product refinement and development. Although of the same capacity (twin USB ports at 2.4 amps per port; 4.8 amps total), the product is actually smaller than the previous version.

*Note that this model does NOT support Qualcomm Quick Charge of any generation.

It rather uses it’s own proprietary advanced charging technology: PowerIQ and VoltageBoost which both combine to provide the fastest possible charge for any of your devices.

It has a fold-in plug so it’s as compact as possible. When they’re folded in, there are no plug prongs to tangle in cables or damage your other devices when they’re packed in your bag or otherwise.

The updated LED indicator is now a circular ring with a diminished light level which is not as stark as on previous models. Nice job. Note that the LED is merely there to indicate that the charger has power supplied to it. It does not change color nor react in any way to the charge level of the device that you’re charging.

The body of the charger is gloss white while the grey accents are matte. I personally like the matte finish better but in reality, this is a utilitarian charger. Looks should be considered secondly with performance first.

An 11-point safety suite provides total protection for your devices, and most importantly, to you.

The product came nicely packaged in what is a new redesign of Anker’s packaging; now mostly white with touches of blue inside the box itself. A nice change but it doesn’t affect the charger itself of course.

You also of course get Anker’s worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service. You likely will not need it but just in case, you have the peace of mind knowing that Anker will take care of the product and you should something unfortunate happen.

All in all, a nice update to an already outstanding product.

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Powerport 2 II surely?

No QC is disappointing.

Great review but I think it looks better in black

So, just to confirm, the LED indicator does not change color to reflect whether current is flowing, and charging is in progress?

If so, that’s disappointing, and I guess I’ll be ordering the oldest version that does have that feature.

And you guys ought to adopt a more distinctive nomenclature to describe these things. There are three versions of the 2-port non-QC charger on sale, and they’re all PowerPort “Two’s”. One with the arabic numeral, then one with the Elite suffix, and now one with a Roman numeral.

The LED indicator shows the level of power in the battery by lighting up a number of LED’s and then lights up the rest of the LED’s in turn to indicate it is charging but all the LED’s are white. It’s much better than the older flashing blue lights on the older PowerCore’s

They could have highlighted the LED’s in green to show how much power there is and then switched to white to indicate charging but maybe next time.