Upgrade and Save 30% on Our Best Ever RoboVacs

Hey, eufy fans!

Why not treat yourself to a little upgrade? You deserve it!

Many of you have reached out to tell us how RoboVac has been of great help to you during these difficult times. We know that the chores have been piling up while you stay indoors and we are delighted to hear that RoboVac has offered a helping hand.

It seems that many of you are now interested in taking your cleaning to the next level! With this in mind we thought we would offer you an exclusive upgrade deal!

Follow the links below to save 30% on one of our latest RoboVacs!

UK: eufy
DE: eufy


eufy team


Old Willy will not allow any upgrade! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Hahaha thought so. Say Hi to Willy for me! :rofl:


Old Willy will be an item for the EUFY museum after 20 years of heavy duty!


That’s a great initiative @AnkerOfficial May be future deals could have "send back your old robovac (for recycling) and get 40% off Coupon – All 3 – Customer, Eufy and Environment are winners!

Nice deal for UK / DE customers nevertheless :slight_smile:

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As far I am promised to get my “old Willy” back , would do.
(Some new parts are never wrong replaced on old comrades!) :rofl:
Old Willy got a new middle brush recently and he is so proud of it!


Dutchess still going strong with stock parts no upgrade yet.
Nice deal for UK & DE :+1:


30% off is a good discount

@Chiquinho I bet Willy is like a new man with his brush. Strutting his stuff looking for a mate.

Rosie has been sad, running into many walls. New “arms” and a clean diaper every morning.

Hey, any discounts for robovacs in the US? Looking to get the inlaws one! :slight_smile: