UPDATED: Ultimate PowerCore Buying Guide (Mid-2019)

All opinions and recommendations in this buying guide are my own and not affiliated with Anker.

For iPhone Users

PowerCore 10000 PD

Those okay with paying a small premium for the latest charging technology will fall in love with PowerCore 10000 PD. Ideal for devices that support Power Delivery, this outputs up to 18W of power through the USB-C PD port, and up to 10W through the USB-A PowerIQ port… all in a light and compact body!

For Android Users

PowerCore 10000 PD+

Until Anker releases a portable charger with PowerIQ 3.0, PowerCore 10000 PD+ is the best available option for devices that support Qualcomm Quick Charge, which includes most Android phones. Dual 18W ports — one with USB-C PD and the other USB-A PowerIQ 2.0 — make this capable of fast charging almost everything! Unfortunately, PowerCore 10000 PD+ is currently exclusive to Walmart. :sob:

For Power Users

PowerCore+ 19000 PD

Charging select ultrabooks on the go is made possible by PowerCore+ 19000 PD. Nineteen thousand two hundred mAh of battery capacity will charge most phones several times and tablets a few times. With 27W of Power Delivery, 15W of PowerIQ 2.0, and 10W of PowerIQ 1.0, this is Anker’s most powerful portable charger!

For Budgeters

PowerCore Slim 10000

PowerCore Slim 10000 is great for those who do not own any devices that support Power Delivery. Ten thousand mAh of battery capacity will charge most phones two times. With both micro-USB and USB-C inputs, this portable charger bridges the gap between the future and the past!

If this buying guide helped you make a purchase decision, please let me know! :grinning:

Power On, Anker fans!


Good Buying Guide! Thank you @Insider

Hope PowerCore 5000 could make it to this list… Compact and Budget Friendly :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestions @Insider!

Now time to trump anker and make a list for leads and chargers :joy:


Not quite… No USB-C or fast charging so it didn’t make the cut. Still not a bad option, just not one I would recommend at this point. :slight_smile:

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This took a long time to put together, so it might be a little while. :sweat_smile:

Will work on wall chargers next.

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You got a point there, fair enough :thumbsup: … i use this powercore 5000 till date and it is awesome,


I use the powercore 3350, and the powercore 13000. They’re both good enough for me lol. Eventually I will upgrade to a USB-C powerbank


Thanks for the guide @Insider. This will definitely help those who don’t know which one to buy. You did a great job

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Good guide I still haven’t gotten my hands on the power core pd 10000 looks like a fab charger


Great info, nicely put togethers for those looking for a powercore. Good job @Insider :thumbsup: You are one of those senior members on this community. Where were you these days? I haven’t seen you since I joined the forum last year. :thinking:

I personally use 26800+ it’s like my go to item whenever I need a boost up and away from the wall outlets, never runs out of juice :joy:


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Good Guide! Thnx for Share! My next Step will be PowerCore+ 19000 PD

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You know me too well :laughing:

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