[UPDATED] PowerLine II USB-C Cables Are Here!

Anker has finally released a couple of their highly anticipated PowerLine II USB-C cables.

I will update this post as more become available. Also, I wouldn’t buy them just yet, as we’re likely to see a pretty significant price drop shortly.

2.0 (3ft)
2.0 (6ft)
3.1 Gen 2 (3ft)

Thanks for bringing to our attention.

It has to be at this price (but hard to find) to then its price strikethrough and discounted shortly. I expect this is part of 7/24 and/or the range of USB-C stuff long promised.

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3.1 Gen 2 just marked down

Great. Now just need more USB-C chargers, portable chargers.

Til then its make do and dongles.

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Nice fine, @joshuad11! It’s nice to see that Anker is expanding their lifetime warranty to USB-C cables as well!

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can someone explain to me the difference between gen 1 and gen 2?

The main difference is that the PowerLine II comes with a lifetime warranty (the previous version came with an 18-month warranty).


Thanks a lot:rose:

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Nice, I’m about to buy a nice USB - C connected external hard drive. These cables will maximize reliability and may even speed things up just a little compared to the OEM crap cable it comes with.

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@liyingzi.chen321 just a tip, when using an emoji leave a space between the emoji and text :grinning:

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Gen 3.1 back up to 20. Now crossed out price is 30. :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks for the update!

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Need a 6ft usb c for 3.1 gen 2!

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Yeah, that would be nice!
@AnkerOfficial @AnkerSupport

Any plans for 6ft PowerLine II USB-C to C 3.1 Gen 2?

We will have Powerline+II new launch campaign in November.


Powerline = Anker cable

+ = ?

II = ?

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The “II” refers to the second generation of Powerline (better materials, lifetime warranty)
The “+” refers to the extra durable lineup (Nylon braided)

I believe @nigelhealy is pointing out the flawed marketing choices by Anker.

Anybody know if they mentioned when they would be releasing the rest of the line? I know they mentioned Nov. Would be an update but haven’t really seen anything thing sintered.

Thanks in advance.